MaierCarr has demonstrated a particular excellence in transactional legal work in industries as diverse as entertainment, healthcare, and high-end fashion and apparel. Our attorneys are known for their ability to quickly draft, review and negotiate transactional matters ranging across a very broad spectrum of commercial activity.

Our entertainment transactional experience extends to literally hundreds of domestic and international broadcast license agreements, international coproductions, entertainment talent contracts of every kind, development agreements, property options, distribution agreements, film and television financing arrangements, production services agreements, film and television library acquisitions both in the United States and internationally and celebrity endorsement agreements.

In the healthcare field, our reputation for excellence in serving large teaching hospitals and medical universities, major national healthcare industry service providers, nuclear pharmacies, and imaging centers is well-established. We have vast experience in transactional legal work for the healthcare industry that includes a remarkable variety of agreements relating to supply and distribution arrangements for nuclear pharmacies and hospitals, clinical trials, staffing services, physician and nurse training, blood services, radioactive materials waste disposal, on-call coverage agreements, and claims billing and documentation management services. In addition, we have expertise in the drafting, communication, and enforcement of compliance policies with respect to patient privacy, radioactive materials handling, hospital procedures and laboratory policies. Our goal is to help healthcare providers deliver superior care on a sound and efficient legal foundation.

Our attorneys have also drafted and negotiated agreements with respect to internet social media marketing, advertising agency services, clothing manufacturing and distribution, clothing design, stock transfers, master toy licenses, gaming licenses, software licenses, clip licenses, content licensing, telecommunications, employment and consulting, facility leases, purchase order terms and conditions, bills of sale, capital consignment and consumable purchases, equipment purchases, maintenance services, nondisclosure, marketing consents, data management services, and sports and entertainment celebrity endorsements.

MaierCarr also advises companies in managing intellectual property portfolios including trademarks and copyrights and provides services relating to the protection and licensing of such portfolios.

MaierCarr is committed to personalized transactional services that are immediately responsive to the needs of our clients in order to facilitate their success in achieving their business goals.