MaierCarr’s corporate practice provides a broad array of sophisticated corporate legal services to a diverse international client base ranging from startup ventures to thriving and innovative enterprises across multiple industry segments. We carefully guide our clients through the legal issues that affect their ongoing operations including corporate governance, financing, mergers, acquisitions, best corporate practices, and the disposition of closely-held companies, change-of-control transactions, divestitures as well as the purchase of new divisions. In addition, MaierCarr advises companies in managing intellectual property portfolios including trademarks and copyrights.

MaierCarr knows the strategic importance of each transaction and understands the need for reliable, responsive and timely legal service. Our experience, expertise and relationships with other legal specialists permit us to provide the kind of excellence for which our attorneys are known.

Our unwavering support to our corporate and enterprise clients is the key to our commitment to achieve their business objectives under tight deadlines. We pride ourselves on offering refined and creative legal advice focused on helping our clients achieve their business goals.

We recognize that startup and emerging companies have the same need for sophistical legal advice as do publicly traded companies. They receive from us a broad range of personalized support that begins with formation, business planning, and private placement financing, and it continues through all transactional activities, employment agreements and vendor relationships. We prepare limited liability company membership agreements, private placement memoranda, subscription documentation, negotiate with investors and advise on the structure of management.

We are mindful of the interests of majority and minority holders which gives us a unique appreciation for the goals of the respective parties ensuring that all corporate transactions be thoughtfully planned and executed. Our objective is to help clients acquire, grow, protect and transition their assets.

Our attorneys are experts in the corporate risks associated with online marketing including social media, and we advise our clients on the requirements of a detailed and thoughtful social media policy that incorporates their business objectives and unique corporate culture and its implementation.

MaierCarr attorneys are advisors as well as creative problem solvers, and we design solutions that meet a client’s particular needs. Our clients benefit from the perspective gained by the unique depth and breadth of our combined experience and our immediately responsive personal service.